Demi Knight

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Demi Knight (20) grew up listening to Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. Her participation in national tv-show ‘De Beste Singer/Songwriter van Nederland’ shows The Netherlands that she possesses the same countrysound and mature voice. After this, the ball started rolling for Knight. She played over 20 shows in 3 months with Popronde, releases her first EP and meanwhile, forms her band. Bassist Bram Schrijver, drummer Martijn Soeterbroek, guitarist Filip Schrijver en pianist Jasper Schalks complete the sound. Last winter the bunch recorded their debut-album in the famous Kytopia. Knight is very convincing and sounds quite lived at her young age (New Folk Sounds). For lovers of country and Americana, with a fresh touch.

This lady has spirit but charms with her wide smile and country-sob. – 3voor12 Den Haag